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Math tutor Beth’s teaching philosophy is student-centered. Recognizing that different people learn in different ways, Beth tailors her math tutoring to the individual student’s strengths and needs, offering multiple ways of understanding concepts and approaching problems. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to approach math with a relaxed attitude and a sense of curiosity.
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Our Services

Homework Help

Beth will show you how to work problems, and then coach you as you work your homework problems, providing redirection and explanation as needed. She will teach you what to look for in matching the technique to the problem.

Exam Prep

Beth is available to help you prepare for the math portions of standardized tests (ISTEP+, SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.) as well as tests in specific math courses.

Personalized Plan

Beth will help you identify gaps in your knowledge and other barriers that have hampered your progress in math. This will be done in a low-key, supportive manner tailored to your needs, rather than a “one size fits all” program. If you are struggling with your current homework, we can start there and identify what is preventing you from being able to do it. If something you never understood from an earlier math class is preventing you from mastering new material, Beth will help you to learn the earlier material and close the knowledge gap.

Bloomington math tutor Beth Kirk is best in area

If you need an experienced Bloomington math tutor, Beth is here to help! Here are links to some of her most popular services: calculus tutors near me, precalculus tutors near me, ap calculus tutor and high school math tutor near me. So if you are looking for a math tutor in Bloomington, call Beth today and see what a difference a professional and experienced math tutor can make.

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Tutoring students in mathematics, from middle school to the university level.  

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Comments from Students

Words cannot express how much you have helped me in Finite . . . Thank you a million times for everything. You made me much more confident and comfortable in math.

Beth tutored my daughter in math to help her pass the iStep. She is able to quickly assess where a student’s level of knowledge exists and then proceed from that point. She is patient and my daughter found her exceptional at explaining concepts she had not previously understood. I highly recommend Beth. Thank you Beth!!

Britt Rust

I received a 46% on the first [M119] test . . . . After many long hours of work, and the help of Beth Kirk, my final grade in the class is a B.


Beth is an excellent private tutor. She helped me prepare for the GRE when applying to graduate school. Now, I am preparing for my dissertation. She was patient and encouraging. I highly recommend her.

Scarlett Winters

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