Business  Calculus Tutoring

Beth works with students to explore the concepts, methods, and applications of Business Calculus. You’ll work to understand the theoretical basis and solve problems by applying your knowledge and skills.

Business and Social Science Concepts

Cost, Revenue, Profit, and Break-even point Supply, Demand, Equilibrium, and Effect of Taxes on Equilibrium
Exponential Growth and Decay Interest, Present Value, and Future Value

Derivatives and Limits

Average rate of change Limits and Continuity
Derivative (Instantaneous Rate of Change) Product and Quotient Rules
Chain Rule

Applications of Derivatives

Increasing and Decreasing Functions Local Maxima and Minima
Global Maxima and Minima Optimization
Critical Points and Values Concavity and Inflection Points
Second Derivative Test Logistic Growth


Definite Integral as Accumulated Change Average Value of a Function
Riemann Sums The Definite Integral as Area
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Antiderivatives
Integration by Parts