Finite Math Tutoring

Beth works with students to explore the concepts, methods, and applications of Finite Math.  You’ll work to understand the theoretical basis and solve problems by applying your knowledge and skills.


Venn DiagramsPartitions
Tree DiagramsMultiplication Principle

Counting Arrangements

Other Counting Techniques


Outcomes and EventsEqually Likely Outcomes
Conditional Probability and IndependenceBayes’ Formula
Bernoulli TrialsRandom Variables and Expected Value

Systems of Linear Equations

Review of Equations and Graphs of LinesWord Problems


Matrix Algebra and NotationInverses
Leontief Model

Linear Programming

Formulating the InequalitiesGraphically determining the Feasible Set
Formulating the Objective FunctionFinding the solution if there is one
Bounded versus Unbounded Feasible Region

Markov Chains