Beth Kirk Math Tutor - Bloomington Math Teacher - Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

Beth’s teaching philosophy is student-centered. Recognizing that different people learn in different ways, Beth tailors her tutoring to the individual student’s strengths and needs, offering multiple ways of understanding concepts and approaching problems. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to approach math with a relaxed attitude and a sense of curiosity.

Many students have some degree of math anxiety. It’s hard to learn while feeling flustered. Beth typically starts with whatever feels most pressing to the student, in order to promote calmness and confidence. Sometimes math anxiety leads students to a self- defeating pattern of rushing to work on a problem without fully understanding the problem. Beth encourages students to take the time to read a problem carefully (sometimes more than once), understand what is being asked, and interpret the information being provided, before attempting to solve the problem.

Some math skills develop sequentially; for example, a child must be able to count before learning to add. Other math skills exist independently of each other. Because math concepts often build on each other, incomplete mastery of basic concepts can pose a barrier later, in more advanced math courses. Beth helps students identify and close these knowledge gaps.

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