Geometry Tutoring

Beth works with students to explore the concepts, methods, and applications of Geometry. You’ll work to understand the theoretical basis and solve problems by applying your knowledge and skills.

Basic Geometry

Structure of an Axiomatic systemProofs: Direct, Indirect, by Contradiction, etc.
Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive of Conditional statementProperties of Planes
Intersections of geometric figures in planeTheorems about Lines and Angles
Constructions with Compass and RulerTheorems about Triangles
Triangle Congruence CriteriaTriangle Similarity
Use of Geometric Mean to solve for missing triangle partsPerimeters and areas of polygons
Theorems about parallelogramsTrigonometric ratios
Special Right TrianglesTypes of symmetry of polygons
Perimeters and areas of polygonsTheorems about parallelograms
Side lengths, perimeters, and areas of regular polygons; relationship to circleArc measures
Inscribed and circumscribed circles of a triangleTransformations of figures
Relationships between number of faces, edges, and vertices of three-dimensional
Volume and surface area of prisms, cylinders, cones, spheres, and pyramids
Graphing on three-dimensional coordinate plane